Case Study: Course Finder

The Problem
General Assembly’s homepage primary CTA funneled users to a geo-targeted, date-sequential listing of courses. Filtering was available via sticky navigation, but On Campus and Online courses were siloed on separate pages due to technical debt, preventing users from exploring comparable online/offline options at the same time. Additionally, geo-targeting can be imprecise, SEO keyword optimization needed to be improved, and the sequential presentation of items gave the same weighted listing to all items from $14,000 full-time courses to $50 one-day workshops.

The Hypothesis
By bringing together Online and On Campus courses into one page and emphasizing topic-based filtering, the Product Manager and I hoped to improve user experience in exploring course option, boost SEO around each topic name, and distinguish our core business of full- and part-time courses from one-off classes & workshops.

Homepage CTA is geo-targeted; pushes to a pre-filtered listing page. Online courses are not included. Variables: Metro, Topic, On Campus/Online, Course Time/Length (full-time, part-time, classes & workshop, events).


UI Explorations


Visual Design Explorations


Final Responsive Design



In A/B testing flowing users into Course Finder (against old flow with listing page), the Course Finder AB test yielded a +12.6% improvement in conversion for users who come through the homepage CTA. After 2 weeks testing, Course Finder continued to out-perform the Listing Page flow and was rolled out to all users. 

Product Manager, eCommerce: Thomas Tachibana
Copywriter: Nalini Edwin
Engineers: Max Miller, George Grey