Harlem Children’s Zone

While working at 360i, I had the opportunity to work on a new, responsive website for Harlem Children’s Zone. Working with a full team, I worked with the Creative Director and UX team on design concepts that were presented to the clients along with the overall content strategy. Because the brief required the site be updateable for non-web designers, and had a launch date of mid-April, our team proposed building the site on WordPress using an existing WordPress theme as a foundation.

Once HCZ signed off on the direction, I worked with the Creative Director to design the templates that would make up the primary site sections. In addition to design, I worked on researching and selecting fonts, selecting images from their photo library & planning photo shoots to fill in additional needs, and presenting designs to the clients for approvals.

Project Creative Director: Amy Osuntuyi
Lead Designer: Meryl Friedman
SVP, UX: Amy Vickers
Lead UX Designer: Jesse Shaver
Front-end Developer: Juan Charvet
Back-end Developer: Matthew Sheahan

Old Site:

Old HCZ Website

Early Homepage Concept Sketches:

Early Homepage Concept Sketch Early Homepage Concept Sketch

Layout and Font Explorations:

Layout and Font Explorations Layout and Font Explorations

Final Design Direction:

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