Miscellaneous infographics created for client projects, as well as for work done for a continuing education Information Design class at the School of Visual Arts.

Enterprise Holdings Newsletter Map
Newsletter design featuring a map of relevant locations

Enterprise Holdings Newsletter Map
Map showing brand distribution and different market offerings, as well as global news highlights

Smirnoff Digital Ecosystem
Smirnoff digital ecosystem, showing the flow and connectivity of different brand channels

Unemployment & Education
Editorial infographic comparing spending on education in Japan and the US versus unemployment in those two countries

The Borough of Graves
Map showing locations of cemeteries in Queens, New York City

The Water Tanks of New York
Editorial infographic about the ubiquitous water tanks seen in New York and how they work

Humorous Venn diagram done in response to a friend's query on Twitter
Humorous Venn diagram done in response to a friend’s query on Twitter